About the Eight Fastest Growing Biogas Businesses


DMT Clear Gas Solutions is an award-winning technology supplier specializing in biogas upgrading and gas desulfurization for RNG projects in North America. DMT delivers locally manufactured products and facilitates a total solutions package from funding options to 24/7 service support. As part of a global organization, DMT offers more than 30 years of experience and more than 120 RNG references. DMT is creating a sustainable world through renewable gas solutions.


DVO, Inc., is the U.S. market leader for anaerobic digestion and environmental engineering, providing proven solutions and services to industry and agriculture for over 25 years. Since 2001, DVO has installed roughly 120 of its patented Two-Stage Linear VortexTM digesters across the nation. DVO also operates internationally, with installations in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, India, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. In addition, DVO designs and installs proprietary nutrient recovery systems that economically capture nutrients, allowing customers to remove nutrients safely and reliably from sensitive watersheds and transport them to land in need of these valuable natural fertilizers.

EnviTec Biogas:

EnviTec Biogas is committed to quality: As a versatile biogas all-rounder with about 700 renewable gas projects implemented in 17 countries, EnviTec scores for its customers through efficient and reliable technology, the entire concept engineering, as well as the entire support and maintenance of its custom-tailored biogas and RNG plants. EnviTec also offers its clients the EnviThan upgrading system as an independent system for the production of RNG. Since its foundation in 2002, EnviTec has constantly developed its range of products and expertise and has now become one of the leading suppliers of AD plant and gas upgrading systems in the biogas industry.


Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies with a workforce of over 32,000 people in more than 100 locations worldwide. With a strong commitment to innovation in the development of high-performance materials and membranes for efficient gas separation, their membrane products are helping to reduce global emissions and improve air quality, making environmental conditions more attractive for future generations. Evonik’s SEPURAN® Green membranes provide high CO2/CH4 selectivity enabling customers to achieve impressive biomethane yields of more than 99%.

Greenlane Biogas:

Greenlane Renewables, is a leading global provider of biogas upgrading systems, marketed and sold under the Greenlane Biogas brand, which is helping decarbonize natural gas. Our systems produce clean, low-carbon, and carbon-negative renewable natural gas from organic waste sources including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairy farms, and food waste, suitable for either injection into the natural gas grid or for direct use as a vehicle fuel. Greenlane is the only biogas upgrading company offering the three main technologies: water wash, pressure swing adsorption, and membrane separation. With multiple core technologies, more than 110 biogas upgrading systems delivered into 18 countries and counting, 30+ years of industry experience, and patented proprietary technology, Greenlane is inspired by a commitment to helping waste producers improve their environmental impact, green credentials, and bottom line.


Nacelle is a leading technology and service company specializing in gas conditioning and the advancement of the energy and biogas industries. With a history rooted in solving problems for their customers, one of Nacelle’s great assets is its service background and track record of delivering results. Nacelle provides innovative technology solutions and 24/7/365 operations and service ensuring a high level of performance and success. Since its inception, Nacelle has successfully executed 250+ different projects with an average throughput of 2000 scfm (~3 million SCF per day) of processed gas. Nacelle is committed to gas conditioning technologies and services that meet the complex and evolving demands of the energy and biogas industries.

Paques Environmental Technologies:

For over 30 years, Paques has helped industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic wastewater treatment systems produce energy (biogas) from wastewater while purifying the water and facilitating water reuse. Paques has also developed the THIOPAQ® regenerative biogas scrubbers, with over 300 units sold to desulfurize biogas, as well as multiple wastewater treatment technologies.

PlanET Biogas:

PlanET (pronounced “plan-e-t”) stands for “Planning and Application of Energy Technology”. PlanET specializes in the design, construction, and service of advanced biogas plants. PlanET opened its US affiliate in 2013, and currently has a digester installation base that spans 6 states and 5 Canadian Provinces. Now offering RNG systems through its new Stateron platform, PlanET has a technology offering that encompasses both Membrane and PSA systems along with its world-class digester technology.  PlanET’s US-based personnel are helping to develop and support projects throughout the United States as well as offering ongoing service to existing digesters. Our 200 global employees are dedicated to our vision of providing strong financial results to our clientele while helping protect the climate.