Field Gas Conditioning Project

Field Gas Conditioning Project

Nacelle has provided field gas solutions in the dry-gas Marcellus acreage position of Northeastern PA for upstream development operations for over five years.
Oil & Gas Case Study

Field Gas Conditioning Project

Nacelle provided gas conditioning / BTU reduction equipment for a global oil and gas exploration company’s completions project in the Permian Basin. Working with high-BTU source gas, the goal was to blend conditioned field gas (lower BTU fuel spec) with trucked CNG for purposes of lowering emissions, reducing CNG trucks on the road, and utilizing the company’s field gas. Nacelle brought field gas supply online with the intention of displacing CNG, ultimately arriving at an 80/20 field gas to CNG split ratio.

80/20 Field Gas to CNG

CNG Trucks Used



100% CNG Powered 

CNG Trucks Required


CNG Trucks Off The Road