Butterfield Dairy Project

Butterfield Dairy Project

Avolta, a renewable energy company focused on originating, developing, owning, and operating renewable natural gas (RNG) projects, contracted with Nacelle on the development of two RNG projects in Arizona.
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Butterfield Dairy Project

Butterfield Dairy is owned and operated by the de Jong family and care for more than 25,000 cows. This project is generating over 300,000 MMBtu of RNG annually and is being distributed as renewable transportation fuel. Avolta, the developer, contracted with Nacelle to upgrade the biogas to RNG, as well as, operate and maintain the entire facility, including manure management, digester and upgrading equipment. The Butterfield project began delivering gas into a Southwest Gas Pipeline the first quarter of 2023.

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The de Jong family has a deep history rooted in dairy farming, dating back to 1620. The de Jongs want to keep the family tradition alive and help create the next chapter in the family legacy through sustainable innovation.

Customer: Avolta
Location: Buckeye, Arizona

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