Reduce fuel costs through field gas utilization

<p><strong>Reduce fuel costs through field gas utilization</strong></p>

Improve safety on-site

<p><strong>Improve safety on-site</strong></p>

Reduce carbon footprint

<p><strong>Reduce carbon footprint</strong></p>

Nacelle is committed to helping our customers reduce costs, improve job-site safety, and reduce carbon footprint through field-sourced natural gas programs. Nacelle’s services encompass the upstream, midstream and production segments of the market, and offer solutions in Natural Gas Fueling, BTU Reduction, and NGL Capture & Extraction.

Nacelle’s on-site solution offers the drilling and completions segments an operationally-tailored technology to promote and sustain a successful field gas fueling program.

Make the most of production opportunities in challenging environments. Nacelle’s technologies create an additional NGL revenue stream, reduce emissions and condition gas to downstream specification.

Enhance compressor station performance while limiting impact on your operations. Our fuel gas conditioning program increases asset reliability while keeping emissions requirements in line.